Volume 16, Number 3

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To Reconstruct the Anterior Cruciate Ligament or Not? – Put into Panther Perspective. 

Thorborg K


Platelet-Rich Plasma versus Corticosteroid Injection for the Treatment of Lateral Epicondylitis: A Systematic Review of Systematic Reviews. 

Kemp JA, Olson MA, Tao MA, Burcal CJ.

The Efficacy and Treatment Fidelity of Kinesiology Taping in Conjunction With Conservative Treatment Interventions Among Individuals With Shoulder Pain:  A Systematic Review with Meta-Analysis. 

Salamh PA, Hanney WJ, Cory CS, Condon HE, Liu X, Kolber MJ.


Reliability and Validity of the Functional Movement Screen™ with a Modified Scoring System for Young Adults with Low Back Pain.

Alkhathami K, Alshehre Y, Wang-Price S, Brizzolara K.

Reliability and Validity of the Y-balance Test in Young Adults with Chronic Low Back Pain.

Alshehre Y, Alkhathami K, Brizzolara K, Weber M, Wang-Price S.

A Targeted Approach to Evaluating the Golfing Athlete with Low Back Pain: A Resident’s Case Report.

Deckard L.

The Immediate Effects of Foam Rolling and Stretching on Iliotibial Band Stiffness: A Randomized Controlled Trial.

Pepper TM, Brismée J-M, Sizer Jr PS, et al.

Gluteal Muscle Activation During Common Yoga Poses.

Lehecka BJ, Stoffregen S, May A, et al.

Biomechanical Changes During a 90o Cut in Collegiate Female Soccer Players With Participation in the 11+.

Dix C, Arundale A, Silvers-Granelli H, Marmon A, Zarzycki R, Snyder-Mackler L.

Twelve-Week Quadriceps Strength as A Predictor of Quadriceps Strength At Time Of Return To Sport Testing Following Bone-Patellar Tendon-Bone Autograft Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction.

Hannon JP, Wang-Price S, Goto S, et al.

The Effects of Soft Tissue Flossing on Hamstring Range of Motion and Lower Extremity Power. 

Maust Z, Bradney D, Collins SM, Wesley C, Bowman TG.

Female Adolescent Soccer Players Utilize Different Neuromuscular Strategies Between Limbs During the Propulsion Phase of a Lateral Vertical Jump.

DeLang MD, Hannon JP, Goto S, Bothwell JM, Garrison JC.

Medio-Lateral Hamstring Muscle Activity in Unilateral vs. Bilateral Strength Exercises in Female Team Handball Players – A Cross-Sectional Study. 

Sørensen B, Aagaard P, Malchow-Møller L, Kreutzfeldt Zebis M, Bencke J.

Differences in Muscle Activities and Kinematics between Forefoot Strike and Rearfoot Strike in the Lower Limb during 180° Turns. 

Yoshida N, Kunugi S, Konno T, et al.

The Test Re-Test Reliability of A Novel Single Leg Hop Test (T-Drill Hop Test).

Negrete R, Simms S, Gross J, et al.

Kinematic Characteristics of Male Runners With a History of Recurrent Calf Muscle Strain Injury. 

Bramah C, Preece SJ, Gill N, Herrington L.

Lumbopelvic Stability and Trunk Muscle Contractility of Individuals with Chronic Ankle Instability.

McCann RS, Johnson K, Suttmiller AMB.

The Effects of Whole Body Vibration on the Limits of Stability in Adults With Subacute Ankle Injury.

Young S, Wallmann HW, Quiambao KL, Grimes BM.

Concentric and Eccentric Force Changes with Elastic Band and Isotonic Heavy Resistance Training: A Randomized Controlled Trial. 

Folkins E, Sahni S, Ryan J, Wooden S, Bushby G, Radzinski C.

Mechanical Percussion Devices: A Survey of Practice Patterns Among Healthcare Professionals.

Cheatham SW, Baker RT, Behm DG, Stull K, Kolber MJ.

Kinesiology Tape: A Descriptive Survey of Healthcare Professionals in the United States.

Cheatham SW, Baker RT, Abdenour TE.

Identifying Risk Factors of Upper Extremity Injuries in Collegiate Baseball Players: A Pilot Study. 

Slowik R, Morris C, Hoch M, Uhl T.

Youth Baseball Caregiver Understanding of Safe Pitching Guidelines and Player Injury.

Reintgen C, Zeppieri Jr G, Bruner M, et al.

A Nation-Wide Survey of High School Baseball Coaches’ Perceptions Indicates their Arm Care Programs Play a Role in Injury Prevention.

Matsel KA, Weiss EE, Butler RJ, et al.

Shoulder Isokinetic Strength Balance Ratio in Overhead Athletes: A Cross-Sectional Study. 

Vargas VZ, Motta C, Vancini RL, Barbosa de Lira CA, Andrade MS.

A Comparison of Resting Scapular Posture and the Davies Closed Kinetic Chain Upper Extremity Stability Test. 

Heick JD, Haggerty J, Manske RC.

Shoulder Strength and Closed Kinetic Chain Upper Extremity Stability Test Performance in Division III Collegiate Baseball and Softball Players. 

Schilling DT, Elazzazi AM.


Upper Extremity Superficial Vein Thromboses Presenting as Acute Neck Pain in a Young and Healthy Male: A Case Report.

Zosel KL, Dummar MK, Adams BG, Henderson NC, Westrick RB.

Strategies for Gait Retraining in a Collegiate Runner with Transfemoral Amputation: A Case Report. 

Santer J, MacDonald S, Rizzone K, Biehler S, Beiswenger T.


A Criterion Based Rehabilitation Protocol for ACL Repair with Internal Brace Augmentation.

Irfan A, Kerr S, Hopper G, Wilson W, Wilson L, Mackay G.

Recommendations for Plyometric Training after ACL Reconstruction – A Clinical Commentary. 

Buckthorpe M, Della Villa F.

The Neuroplastic Adaptation Trident Model: A suggested novel framework for ACL rehabilitation. 

Machan T, Krupps K.

Noncontact Knee Ligament Injury Prevention Screening in Netball: A Clinical Commentary with Clinical Practice Suggestions for Community-Level Players. 

Clark NC.

Rehabilitation Following Posterior Shoulder Stabilization.

Goldenberg BT, Goldsten P, Lacheta L, Arner JW, Provencher MT, Millett PJ.

Osteochondral Allograft Transplantation in Professional Athletes: Rehabilitation and Return to Play.

Patel S, Amirhekmat A, Le R, Williams III RJ, Wang D.


Developing Sports Physiotherapy Expertise – The Value of Informal Learning.

Paterson C, Phillips N.


Blood Flow Restriction: Cause for Optimism, But Let’s Not Abandon The Fundamentals.

Lorenz D.