Volume 16, Number 2

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Performance Physical Therapy is Sports Physical Therapy: Why our Profession Needs to Progress.
Mike Reinold, PT, DPT, SCS, ATC, CSCS, C-PS


Proximal Hamstring Tendinopathy: A Systematic Review of Interventions.
Nasser AM, Vicenzino W, Grimaldi A, Anderson J, Semciw A


The Reliability and Criterion Validity of a Novel Dorsiflexion Range of Motion Screen.
Plisky P, Bullock GS, Garner MB, Ricard R, Hayden J, Huebner B, Schwartzkopf-Phifer K, Kiesel K

Reliability of the Cutting Alignment Scoring Tool (CAST) to Assess Trunk and Limb Alignment During a 45-Degree Side Step Cut. 
Butler LS, Milian EK, DeVerna A, Latz K, Ellis HB, Martinez AR, Hayden K, Gerstenkorn C, Carpenito SC, Wyatt C, Sugimoto D

Examining Muscle Activity Differences in Single and Dual Vector Shoulder Elastic Resistance Exercises.
Bench RWG, Thompson SE , Cudlip AC, Holmes MWR

Concurrent Validation and Reference Values of the Gluteus Medius Clinical Test.
Teixeira ASD, Silva PL, Cintra SP, Viegas F, Mendonca LD, Bittencourt NFN

Hip Abduction Strength: Relationship to Trunk and Lower Extremity Motion During a Single-leg Step-down Task in Professional Baseball Players. 
Zipser MC, Plummer HA, Sum JC, Kindstrand N, Li B, Michener LA

Comparison of Common Methodologies for the Determination of Knee Flexor Muscle Strength. 
Ogborn DI, Bellemare A, Bruinooge B, Brown H, McRae S, Leiter J

The Single Leg Squat Test: A “Top-down” or “Bottom-up” Functional Performance Test?
Carroll LA, Kivlan BR, Martin RL, Phelps AL, Carcia CR

Kinematic and Kinetic Predictors of Y-Balance Test Performance.
Nelson S, Wilson CS, Becker J

Lower Extremity Kinematics of the Y-Balance Test in Healthy and ACL Injured Adolescent Females. 
Bulow A, Bellemare A, Anderson JE, Leiter JRS, MacDonald PB, Peeler JD

Which Hop Tests Can Best Identify Functional Limb Asymmetry in Patients 9-12 months After Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction Employing a Hamstrings Tendon Autograft?
Ebert JR , Du Preez L, Furzer B, Edwards P, Joss B

The Impact of Dance-Specific Neuromuscular Conditioning and Injury Prevention Training on Motor Control, Stability, Balance, Function and Injury in Professional Ballet Dancers: A Mixed-methods Quasi-experimental Study.
Long KL, Milidonis MK, Wildermuth VL, Kruse AN, Parham UT

Acute Effects of Dry Needling on Myofascial Trigger Points in Triceps Surae of Professional Ballet Dancers: A Pilot Randomized Control Trial. 
Janowski JA, Phelan-Smith DML, Brady MK, Michels KL, Timm AH, Boucher NM, Casteen KD, Village D, Sleeper MD

Time Course of Acute Hip Adduction Range of Motion Changes Following Foam Rolling. 
D'Amico A, Silva K, Gallo J

Sex and Age Comparisons in Neuromuscular and Biomechanical Characteristics of the Knee in Young Athletes. 
Pletcher ER, Sell T, Dekker T, Lephart S

Functional Movement Screen Detected Asymmetry and Normative Values Among College-Aged Students.
Triplett C, Dorrel B, Symonds M, Selland C, Jensen D, Poole C

A Pre-season Training Program with the Nordic Hamstring Exercise Increases Eccentric Hamstring Strength and Fascicle Length in Professional Female Soccer Players.
Vianna KB, Rodrigues LG, de Oliveira NT, Ribeiro-Alvares JBD, Baroni BM

The Relationship Between Hip Range of Motion and Pitching Kinematics Related to Increased Elbow Valgus Loads in Collegiate Baseball Pitchers: A Pilot Study. 
Zeppieri G, Bruner ML, Michelini J, Farmer K

Biomechanics of the Line Hops and Side Hold Rotation Tests Loads Both Anterior and Posterior Shoulder Structures. 
Olds M, Cascia N, Picha KJ, Walker C, Uhl T, Heebner NR

Comparative Pitching Biomechanics Among Youth Baseball Athletes: Are There Fundamental Differences Between Pitchers and Non-pitchers?
Bullock GS, Hulburt TC, Collins GS, Waterman BR, Nicholson KF

Shoulder Rotation Range of Motion and Serve Speed in Adolescent Male Volleyball Athletes: A Cross-sectional Study. 
Telles R, da Cunha RA, Yoshimura AL, Pochini AC, Ejnisman B, Soliaman RB

Shoulder Rotational Strength Profiles of Danish National Level Badminton Players. 
Stausholm MB, Baun M, Bjordal JM, Nielsen D, Aagaard H, Magnusson SP, Couppe C

The Effect of Mild Exercise-induced Dehydration on Sport Concussion Assessment Tool 3 (SCAT3) Scores.
Collins S, Lininger M, Bowman T

Characterization of Injuries and Associations in Men and Women Ultimate Frisbee Players at the Elite Club-Level. 
Khoo KJ, Gellert JM, Hagen MS


Post-operative Rehabilitation for Scapular Muscle Reattachment: A Case Study. 
Burke WS, Kibler WB, Uhl TL

The Implementation of Therapeutic Alliance in the Rehabilitation of an Elite Pediatric Athlete with Salter-Harris Fracture: A Case Report. 
VanEtten L, Briggs MS, DeWitt J, Mansfield CJ, Kaeding C


Visual Perturbation to Enhance Return to Sport Rehabilitation after Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injury: A Clinical Commentary.
Wohl TR, Criss CR, Grooms DR

Incorporating Internal and External Training Load Measurements in Clinical Decision Making after ACL Reconstruction: A Clinical Commentary. 
Taylor JB, Ford KR, Queen RM, Owen EC, Gisselman AS

A Novel Rehabilitation Program Using Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation (NMES) and Taping for Shoulder Pain Among Swimmers: A Case Study and Protocol. 
Smith NT, Tate A, Hotze R

IFSPT International Perspective

Friend or Foe? 

The Safety and Efficacy of Weighted Baseballs.
Reinold MM, Macrina LC