Volume 16, Number 1

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Teamwork is Essential to Success: Sports Physical Therapy is No Exception.

Wilk KE, Arrigo C, Andrews JR



The Comparative Mental Health Responses between Post-musculoskeletal Injury and Post-concussive Injury Among Collegiate Athletes: A Systematic Review.



Sequencing and Integration of Cervical Manual Therapy and Vestibulo-oculomotor Therapy for Concussion Symptoms: Retrospective Analysis.

Wong CK, Ziaks L, Vargas S, DeMattos T, Brown C

Determining Near Point of Convergence: Exploring a Component of the Vestibular/Ocular Motor Screen Comparing Varied Target Sizes.

Heick JD, Bay C

Does the Movement Competency Screen Correlate with Deep Abdominals Activation and Hip Strength for Professional and Pre-professional Dancers?

Benoît-Piau J, Morin M, Fortin S, Guptill C, Gaudreault N

Normative Parameters of Gastrocnemius Muscle Stiffness and Associations with Patient Characteristics and Function

Hoffman LR, Koppenhaver SL, MacDonald CW, Herrera JM, Streuli J, Visco ZL, Wildermuth N, Albin SR

Validity of a Sham Dry Needling Technique on a Healthy Population.

Cushman DM, Holman A, Skinner L, Cummings K, Haight P, Teramoto M

Quantifying the Burden of Shoulder and Hip Pain in Water Polo Players Across Different Playing Levels.

Girdwood M, Webster M

The Relationship Between Hip Strength and Postural Stability in Collegiate Athletes Who Participate in Lower Extremity Dominant Sports.

Olsen B, Freijomil N, Csonka J, Moore T, Killelea C, Faherty MS, Sell TC

Risk Factors for Stress Fractures in Female Runners: Results of a Survey.

Johnston TE, Jakavick AE, Mancuso CA, McGee KC, Wei L, Wright ML, Close J, Shimada A, Leiby BE

Post-trial Feedback Alters Landing Performance in Adolescent Female Athletes using a Portable Feedback System.

Kernozek TW, Rutherford D, Heinert B, Onsager J, Lee M, Schiedermayer J, Dietrich S, Dade R, Almonroeder TG

The Immediate Effects of Expert and Dyad External Focus Feedback on Drop Landing Biomechanics in Female Athletes: An Instrumented Field Study.

Leonard KA, Simon JE, Yom J, Grooms DR

Differences in Lower Extremity Kinematics Between High School Cross-Country and Young Adult Recreational Runners.

Reinking MF, Carson NM, End BM, Miller OK, Munter JD, McPoil TG

Differences in Physical and Psychological Parameters in Sub-elite Male Youth Soccer Players with Jumper's Knee Following Physical Therapy Compared to Healthy Controls: A Longitudinal Examination.

Niering M, Muehlbauer T

Individual Baseline Balance Assessments in a Large Sample of Incoming NCAA Division I Athletes Using a Force Plate System.

Weismiller SA, Monaco R, Womack J, Alderman B, Esopenko C, Conway FN, Brostrand K, Brown A, de Souza NL, Buckman JF

Does the Direction of Kinesiology Tape Application Influence Muscle Activation in Asymptomatic Individuals?

Dolphin M, Brooks G, Calancie B, Rufa A

Quadriceps Strength Influences Patient Function more than Single-leg Forward Hop During Late Stage ACL Rehabilitation.

Chaput M, Palimenio M, Farmer B, Katsavelis D, Bagwell JJ, Turman KA, Wichman C, Grindstaff TL

Prediction of ACL Injuries from Vertical Jump Kinetics in Division 1 Collegiate Athletes.

Pontillo M, Hines SM, Sennett BJ

Reliability of the Tuck-Jump Assessment Using Standardized Rater Training.

Racine K, Warren M, Smith C, Lininger MR

Patients Walking Faster After Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction Have More Gait Asymmetry.

Knobel RJ, Ito N, Arhos EK, Capin JJ, Buchanan TS, Snyder-Mackler L

The Influence of Mode of Injury on Psychological Readiness for Return to Sport Following Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction: A Matched Controlled Study.

Presley-Burleson J, Bailey L, Maloney K, Duncan B, Reid M, Juneau C, Lowe WR

Physical Therapists’ Assessment of Patient Self-Efficacy for Home Exercise Programs.

Picha KJ, Valier AS, Heebner NR, Abt JP, Usher EL, Capilouto G, Uhl TL

Descriptive Strength and Range of Motion in Youth Baseball Players.

Nakaji RM, Ellenbecker TS, McClenahan KM, Roberts LM, Perez C, Dickenson SB

Comparison of the Effects of Static-Stretching and Tubing Exercises on Acute Shoulder Range of Motion in Collegiate Baseball Players.

Busch AM, Browstein J, Ulm R

Pre-operative Scapular Rehabilitation for Arthroscopic Repair of Traumatic Rotator Cuff Tear: Results of a Randomized Clinical Trial.

de Almeida LL, Mendes Júnior AF, da Mota Neto J, De Simoni LF, Lopes KHS, Guimarães PC, de Oliveira Valério BI, Sciascia A

An Alternative Model of Care for the Treatment of Adolescent Athletes with Extension-based Low Back Pain: A Pilot Study.

Selhorst M, Rodenberg R, Padgett N, Fischer A, Ravindran R, MacDonald



Inter-Disciplinary Conservative Management of Bilateral Non-United Lumbar Pars Defects in a Junior Elite Golfer.

Brearley SL, Buckley O, Gillham P, Clements B, Coughlan D

The Utility of Neuromotor Retraining to Augment Manual Therapy and Vestibular Rehabilitation in a Patient with Post-Concussion Syndrome: A Case Report.

Teare-Ketter A, LaForme Fiss A, Ebert J



Latarjet Procedure for the Treatment of Anterior Glenohumeral Instability in the Athlete: Key Considerations for Rehabilitation.

Bradley H, Lacheta L, Goldenberg BT, Rosenberg SI, Provencher MT, Millett PJ

Hip and Groin Injury Prevention in Elite Athletes and Team Sport: Current Challenges and Opportunities.

Short SM, MacDonald CW, Strack D



Considerations with Open Kinetic Chain Knee Extension Exercise Following ACL Reconstruction.

Wilk KE, Arrigo CA, Bagwell MS, Finck, A



Worldwide Injury Prevention.

Mendonça LD, Schuermans J, Wezenbeek E, Witvrouw