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Pain in Athletes: Current Knowledge and Challenges

Alaiti RK, Reis FJJ

Vibration Therapy – A Clinical Commentary
Lupowitz L


Physical impairments in Adults with Developmental Dysplasia of the Hip (DDH) undergoing Periacetabular osteotomy (PAO): A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

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Rehabilitation Guidelines for Use Following a Periacetabular Osteotomy (PAO): A North American Based Delphi Consensus

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The Reliability of the GNRB® Knee Arthrometer in Measuring ACL Stiffness and Laxity: Implications for Clinical Use and Clinical Trial Design

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The Effectiveness of Trunk and Balance Warm-up Exercises in Prevention, Severity, and Length of Limitation From Overuse and Acute Lower Limb Injuries in Male Volleyball Players

Yuki M, Kuruma Hironobu K

A Comparison of Factors Associated with Running-Related Injuries between Adult and Adolescent Runners

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Exploring the Effects of a Neck Strengthening Program on Purposeful Soccer Heading Biomechanics and Neurocognition.

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Relationships between Running Biomechanics, Hip Muscle Strength, and Running-Related Injury in Female Collegiate Cross-country Runners

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Thoracolumbar And Lumbopelvic Spinal Alignment During The Deadlift Exercise: A Comparison Between Men And Women

Bengtsson V, Ulrika A, Öhberg F, Berglund L

Lower Limb Ground Reaction Force and Center of Pressure Asymmetry During Bodyweight Squats 

Hannan KB, King AC

Establishing Normative Dynamic Postural Control Values in Elite Female Handball Players 

Picot B, Dury J, Néron G, McKeon PO, Forestier N

Can Clinician-Stabilization with Hand-Held Dynamometry Yield a Reliable Measure of Knee Flexion Torque?

Larson DD, Lorenz DS, Melton BL

A Plague of Their Own: Injury Incidence Remains Elevated in the 2021 Major League Baseball Season Compared to Pre-COVID-19 Seasons

Ultrasound Measurement of Lateral Patellar Displacement: A Cadaveric Validation Study

Kwan LYA, Killingback A, Adds PJ

Influence of Surveillance Methods in the Detection of Sports Injuries and Illnesses

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Roles And Responsibilities Of The Physical Therapist In Collegiate Athletics: Results Of A National Survey

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Exploring Force Production Reliability across Different Levels of Clinical Experience during a Simulated One-handed Instrument-Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization Treatment: A Pilot Study

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The Effect of Blood Flow Restriction Therapy on Shoulder Function Following Shoulder Stabilization Surgery: A Case Series

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The Management of Valgus Extension Overload Syndrome Experienced with Hitting in a High School Baseball Player: A Case Report

Piraino AB, Davis BM


Maximizing Recovery in the Postpartum Period: A Timeline for Rehabilitation from Pregnancy through Return to Sport

Selman R, Early K, Battles B, Seidenburg M, Wendel E, Westerlund S

Clinical Commentary: Hamstring Injury Rehabilitation and Prevention in the Female Athlete

O’Sullivan LR, Preszler JA, Tanaka MJ