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The Prevention and Treatment of Running Injuries: A State of the Art.

Napier C, Willy RW.



Why Female Athletes Injure Their ACL’s More Frequently? What Can We Do To Mitigate Their Risk?

Silvers-Granelli H.



The Systemic Effects of Blood Flow Restriction Training: A Systematic Review.

Miller BC, Tirko AW, Shipe JM, Sumeriski OR, Moran K.



Accuracy of the SWAY Mobile Cognitive Assessment Application.

VanRavenhorst-Bell HA, Muzeau MA, Luinstra L, Goering J, Amick RZ.

Safety and Effectiveness of a Perturbation-based Neuromuscular Training Program on Dynamic Balance in Adolescent Females: A Randomized Controlled Trial.

Bulow A, Anderson JE, Leiter JRS, MacDonald PB, Peeler JD.

Item-level and Composite-level Interrater Reliability of Functional Movement Screen™ Scores Following Condensed Training in Novice Raters.

Harper BA, Glass SM.

The Dynamic Innovative Balance System Improves Balance Ability: A Single Blind, Randomized Controlled Study.

Haksever B, Duzgun I, Baltaci G.

Cross-sectional Study of EMG and EMG Rise During Fast and Slow Hamstring Exercises.

Krommes K, Jakobsen MD, Bandholm T, et al.

The Role of Fatigue in Return to Sport Testing Following Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction.

Tallard JC, Hedt C, Lambert BS, McCulloch PC.

The Non-injured Leg Can Be Used As A Reference for the Injured Leg in Single-legged Hop Tests. 

Vereijken A, van Trijffel E, Aerts I, Tassignon B, Verschueren J, Meeusen R.

Establishing Normative Values for Inter-Limb Kinetic Symmetry During Landing in Uninjured Adolescent Athletes. 

VanZile AW, Reineke DM, Snyder MJ, Jones DD, Dade RL, Almonroeder TG.

Effect of Increasing Running Cadence on Peak Impact Force in an Outdoor Environment.

Musgjerd T, Anason J, Rutherford D, Kernozek TW.

Does Daily Physical Activity Differ Between Patients with Femoroacetabular Impingement Syndrome and Patients with Hip Dysplasia? A Cross-Sectional Study in 157 Patients and 60 Healthy Volunteers.

Reimer LCU, Kierkegaard S, Mechlenburg I, Jacobsen JS.

An Investigation of the Association between Transversus Abdominis Myofascial Structure and Activation with Age in Healthy Adults using Ultrasound Imaging.

Gaudreault N, Benoît-Piau J, van Wingerden JP, Stecco C, Daigle F, Léonard G.

Overuse Injury, Substance Use, and Resilience in Collegiate Female Athlete.

Martin CL, Shanley E, Harnish C, et al.

Interprofessional Inconsistencies in the Diagnosis of Shoulder Instability: Survey Results of Physicians and Rehabilitation Providers.

Nicolozakes CP, Li X, Uhl TL, et al.

Professional Baseball Player Type and Geographic Region of Origin Impacts Shoulder External and Internal Rotation Strength. 

Michener LA, Barrack AJ, Liebeskind BY, et al.

Risk Factors for Shoulder Injuries in Water Polo: A Cohort Study.

Croteau F, Paradelo D, Pearsall D, Robbins S.

Attributes, Attitudes, and Motivations of Personnel Involved with Sports Physical Therapy Residency Training.

Mulligan EP.



Serial Within-Session Improvements in Ankle Dorsiflexion During Clinical Interventions Including Mobilization-With-Movement and A Novel Manipulation Intervention – A Case Series. 

Abassi M, Whiteley R.



ACL Return to Sport Testing: It’s Time to Step Up Our Game. 

Unverzagt C, Andreyo E, Tompkins J.