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Join Mark Callanen, DJO Global Education Director, as he sits down with Ashley Campbell, IJSPT Managing Editor, to talk about innovative technology for the physical therapist. Follow this link>

Born out of a collaboration between two orthopedic surgeons, Drs. Reuben Gobezie and Laurence Higgins, PT Genie was founded on patient monitoring research that extended physical therapy protocols to ensure the best possible post-surgery outcomes.

The goal was to develop a standardized physical therapy regimen that featured exercises developed by top sports and rehab professionals. The platform would lead patients through best practice protocols and measure the range of motion, volume and intensity of exercises. This data would enable the provider to correct an issue before it became a major complication.

PT Genie was the result of a multi-year collaboration inspired by hope to provide the best possible patient outcomes. Follow this link to see the video>