IJSPT Research Summit

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Abstracts are being accepted for poster presentations that will be open to all OSET attendees.

Cash prizes totaling $1000, along with product packages from sponsor Hyperice:

First Prize:
$500 and a $1500 Hyperice Legacy Pack

Two Honorable Mentions:
$250 cash and a Hyperice pack worth $500 for each winner!

Abstracts are due July 30. Presenters will be notified of acceptance by August 15. Submissions should be emailed to osetsubmissions@ijspt.org.

All abstracts will be published in the October 2023 issue of IJSPT; submission of an abstract represents permission for publication.

Presenters must be registered attendees and are responsible for all travel and accommodations.



The IJSPT is hosting its annual research forum at OSET 2023. Abstracts are being accepted for poster presentations that will be open to all OSET attendees.

Abstracts must be submitted in MS Word and must be less than 300 words (excluding title, authors or references). Use a structured abstract format. It should be comprehensible to readers before they have viewed the presentation; reference citations must be included. It is essential that the submission paper clearly states the biological importance of the work described in the paper.

The abstract should include the title in “title case,” authors listed by last name and first initial, email, and affiliation. Only provide references at the bottom of the abstract in AMA format if directly cited in abstract.

The abstract should be structured to include the follow sections:

  • Background: In one or two sentences, summarize the scientific body of knowledge surrounding your study and how this led to your investigation.
  • Hypothesis/Purpose: State the theory(ies) that you are attempting to prove or disprove by your study or the purpose if no hypothesis exists. This statement should be identical in the presentation.
  • Study Design: Identify the overall design of your study. See list below.
  • Methods: Succinctly summarize the overall methods you used in your investigation. Include the study population, type of intervention, method of data collection, and length of the study.
  • Results: Report the most important results of your study. Only include positive results that are statistically significant, or important negative results that are supported by adequate power. Report actual data, not just P values.
  • Conclusion: State the answer to your original question or hypothesis. Summarize the most important conclusions that can be directly drawn from your study.
  • Level of Evidence: If the study is on humans, use the levels of evidence published on the following website: https://www.cebm.ox.ac.uk/resources/levels-of-evidenceWe recognize that all forms of studies cannot be classified and may not have a descriptive level of evidence.
  • Key Terms:  Provide at least 4 key words for indexing in alphabetical order
  • Clinical Relevance: If yours was a laboratory study, describe its relevance to clinical sports medicine.
  • What is known about the subject: Please state what is currently known about this subject to place your study in perspective for the reviewers.
  • What this study adds to existing knowledge: Please state what this study adds to the existing knowledge.
  • All submissions should have a section containing 3-5 key words that describe the primary content of the manuscript, listed in alphabetical order.

Abstracts are due July 30. Presenters will be notified of acceptance by August 15. Specific date, time and location of presentations will be provided at that time.