Introducing the Chattanooga® VMS White Paper Blog Post

In the rapidly evolving field of neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES), selecting the right waveform is critical. VMS, exclusive to Chattanooga® electrotherapy devices, has recently gained attention for its benefits over other waveforms. This white paper delves into the advantages of VMS electrical muscle stimulation compared to alternative choices, shedding light on its potential to revolutionize patient treatments.

From attenuating atrophy to enhancing muscular strength and performance, NMES has long been utilized for therapeutic purposes. However, the effectiveness of NMES hinges on various factors, notably waveform selection. While traditional waveforms like Russian, biphasic, and monophasic have been the norm, VMS introduces a new paradigm with its optimized symmetrical biphasic waveform. Offering adjustable parameters and versatile delivery options, VMS stands out for its ability to increase muscle contractile forces, reduce fatigue, and enhance local circulation, making it a compelling option for both rehabilitation and performance enhancement.

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Dr. Craig Lindell, Co-Founder of [P]rehab, shares his journey into physical therapy and why VECTOR is a game-changing tool for PTs everywhere.

By: The Kayezen Editors

At Kayezen, we know that fitness and health professionals use the VECTOR for many reasons and in a variety of settings. We’re spotlighting one expert each month on our blog and in our newsletter to show how they leverage the full system as well as provide insights into their background, top tips, and mindset.

First up: Dr. Craig Lindell, physical therapist and Co-Founder of [P]rehab. Here, Lindell talks about how he and his team use the VECTOR with clients of all abilities, whether they’re working through an injury or are chasing a marathon post rehab. {read more}


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