Abstracts from the Fourth World Congress of Sports Physical Therapy

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Fourth World Congress of Sports Physical Therapy Scientific Abstracts

Thorborg, K: Scientific Chair

Voight, M: Publisher and Executive Editor







Exploring students' participation in and perceptions of resistance training in their high school weight room
Ms. Joanne Parsons, Ms. Gabby Masi

Resistance training before total joint replacement. Does it improve postoperative functional performance and knee-extensor strength? A systematic review and meta-analysis.
Mr. Stian Langgård Jørgensen, Ms. Signe Kierkegaard, Ms. Marie Bagger Bohn, Prof. Per Aagaard, Prof. Inger Mechlenburg

Substantial deficits in hip muscle strength and functional performance in patients with hip abductor tendon ruptures compared with healthy controls.
Ms. Marie Bagger Bohn, Ms. Signe Kierkegaard, Mr. Bent Lund, Mr. Kasper Spoorendonk, Mr. Jeppe Lange

The relationship between symptoms associated with menstruation and sports activity restriction among female athletes in schools and local sports clubs.
Ms. Rami Mizuta, Mr. Noriaki Maeda, Mr. Makoto Komiya, Mr. Tsubasa Tashiro, Ms. Sayo Kuroda, Mr. Yukio Urabe

Diagnostic labels and advice for rotator cuff-related shoulder pain influence perceived need for shoulder surgery: An online-randomised experiment.
Mr. Joshua Zadro, Dr Mary O'Keeffe, Dr Giovanni Ferreira, Dr Adrian Traeger, Mr Andrew Gamble, Prof Richard Page, Prof Rob Herbert, Prof Ian Harris, Prof Chris Maher

The Effects of Maturation on Landing Mechanics in Male Youth Soccer Players: A Systematic Review.
Mr. Alex Meredith, Miss Karen Crook, Mr Cian Dunne, Dr Osman Ahmed

The association between sense of coherence, physical fitness and activity level in Swedish adolescents: an analysis of gender differences.
Ms. Anna Hafsteinsson Östenberg, Mr Haris Projskic, Mr Anton Enberg, Ms Marie Alricsson

The relationship between the intrinsic foot muscles and plantar fascia in repetitive rebound jump and jump landings in adolescent athletes.
Mr. Satoshi Arima, Mr. Noriaki Maeda, Mr. Shogo Tsutsumi, Ms. Honoka Ishihara, Mr. Makoto Komiya, Mr. Yukio Urabe

Characteristics of falls among men’s wheelchair rugby players in the Rio 2016 and Tokyo 2020 Summer Paralympic Games.
Mr. Tsubasa Tashiro, Dr Noriaki Maeda1 Dr Junpei Sasadai, Ms Reia Shimizu, Dr Akira Suzuki, Dr Makoto Komiya1 Mr Kazuki Fukui, Mr Shogo Tsutsumi, Mr Satoshi Arima, Mr Kazuki Kaneda, Mr Mitsuhiro Yoshimi, Ms Rami Mizuta, Mr Takeru Abekura, Ms Hinata Esaki, Mr Tomoki Terada, Dr Yukio Urabe

Explanation, but not the specific diagnostic label, is important for patients with shoulder pain.
Mr. Søren Storm, Mr. Kristian Kodal, Mr. Jonas Kaae, Mr. Jan Vinther, Mr. Peter Thorup Kristensen, Ms. Lotte Mejlvig, Ms. Elizabeth Andreasen, Mr. Michael Skovdal Rathleff

Strength, function and overall health before and after surgical or conservative treatment of proximal hamstring avulsion.
Mr. Kasper Spoorendonk, Mr Jens Ole Storm, Mr Bent Lund, Ms Marie Bagger Bohn, Ms Signe Kierkegaard

Are progressive shoulder exercises feasible in patients with glenohumeral osteoarthritis or rotator cuff arthropathy tear eligible for shoulder arthroplasty?
Ms. Josefine Beck Larsen, Ms. Helle Kvistgaard Østergaard, Mr. Theis Muncholm Thillemann, Mr. Thomas Falstie-Jensen, Ms. Lisa Cecilie Urup Reimer, Ms. Sidsel Noe, Mr. Steen Lund Jensen, Ms. Inger Mechlenburg

Acute anterior cruciate ligament rupture: neuromuscular control during stair descent and anterior tibia translation.
Ms. Angela Blasimann, Ms. Aglaja Busch, PD Dr. med. Philipp Henle, Prof. Dr. Sven Bruhn, Prof. Dr. Dirk Vissers, PD Dr. Heiner Baur

Persistent concussion symptoms and the effect on quality of life in female athletes – a qualitative study.
Ms. Nicoline Kousgaard-Laursen, Ms. Camilla Haumann, Ms. Marlene Bang Hansen

Characteristics of falls among wheelchair rugby and wheelchair basketball players in the Rio and Tokyo Paralympic Games: a video analysis.
Mr. Noriaki Maeda, Mr Kazuki Fukui, Mr Junpei Sasadai, Ms Reia Shimizu, Mr Akira Suzuki, Mr Makoto Komiya, Mr Tsubasa Tashiro, Mr Shogo Tsutsumi, Mr Satoshi Arima, Mr Kazuki Kaneda, Mr Mitsuhiro

Age-related hip joint flexibility and hamstring extensibility in adult nonprofessional table tennis players: An exploratory cross-sectional study.
Mr. Martin Alfuth, Mr. Alexander Diekmann

Immediate effects of hip foam roller and stretch on golfers’ driving performance.
Mr. Kiyokazu Akasaka, Mr. Yuji Hamada, Mr. Takahiro Otsudo, Mr. Yutaka Sawada, Mr. Hiroshi Hattori


Mr. Florian Forelli, Mr Gwendal Kersante, Mr Amaury Vandebrouck, Mr Pascal Duffiet, Mr Louis Ratte, Mr Alexandre Rambaud

Kinematic differences in the shoulder girdle during the tennis serving motion between the standing and sitting positions.Mr. Mitsuhiro Yoshimi, Mr. Shogo Tsutsumi, Mr. Takeru Abekura, Ms. Hinata Esaki, Mr. Koki Tsuchida, Mr. Makoto Komiya, Mr. Noriaki Maeda, Mr. Yukio Urabe

The FIFA Injury Prevention Programs Reduce the Incidence of Groin Injury: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials.
Professor Wesam Saleh A. Al Attar, Dr Mohamed Husain

Injury Prevention Programs Reduce the Incidence of Sport-Related Head Injury: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials
Professor Wesam Saleh A. Al Attar

Injury prevention programs that include balance training exercises reduce ankle injury rates among soccer players: a systematic review and meta-analysis.
Professor Wesam Saleh A. Al Attar, Professor Oliver Faude, Dr Jumana Bakhsh, Dr Ehdaa H. Khaledi

Acute peripheral fatigue induces brain activity changes during predefined and reactive balance tasks.
Mr. Bruno Tassignon, Mr. Jo Verschueren, Mr Sander De Bock, Mr. Kevin De Pauw, Mr. Evert Verhagen, Mr. Romain Meeusen

Relationship between the morphology of the intrinsic foot muscles and plantar fascia and the balance index during single-leg drop landing.
Mr. Makoto Komiya, Mr. Noriaki Maeda, Ms. Rami Mizuta, Mr. Kazuki Kaneda, Mr. Yukio Urabe

Development of a Prediction Model for Re-Injury After Being Cleared to Return to Work From Injury.
Mr. Daniel Rhon, Prof Phillip Plisky, Prof Kyle Kiesel, Mr Garrett Bullock, Prof Scott Shaffer, Prof Stephen Goffar, Dr Deydre Teyhen

Soccer-Related Injuries Pre- and Post-COVID-19 Lockdown: A Prospective Epidemiological Study.
Professor Wesam Saleh A. Al Attar

Adaptability and neurocognitive functional performance: physical fatigue negatively affects accuracy in the reactive balance test.
Mr. Jo Verschueren, Mr. Bruno Tassignon, Mr. Evert Verhagen, Mr. Romain Meeusen

2D kinematic analysis software: reliability and application in running.
Mr Anthony Pernoud, Mr Guillaume Servant, Mr Hugo Bothorel, Mr Antoine Seurot, Mr. François Fourchet

Mind the Gap: Properties of the Bone-Patellar Tendon-Bone (BPTB) Graft Harvest Site following Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction (ACLR)

Predictive Models for Musculoskeletal Injury Risk: Why statistical Approach Makes All the Difference.
Mr. Daniel Rhon, Dr Deydre Teyhen, Prof Gary Collins, Dr Garrett Bullock

Does the use of i-FACTOR bone graft affect bone healing in those undergoing periacetabular osteotomy (PAO) for hip dysplasia?
Mr. Michael O'Brien, Dr Denise Jones, Associate Professor Adam Semciw, Dr Jit Balakumar, Dr Rafal Grabinski, Dr Justin Roebert, Ms Georgia Coburn, Professor Inger Mechlenburg, Associate Professor Joanne Kemp

Physical impairments in adults with developmental dysplasia of the hip (DDH) undergoing Periacetabular osteotomy (PAO): a systematic review and meta-analysis.
Mr. Michael O'Brien, Dr Julie Jacobsen, A/Prof Adam Semciw, Professor Inger Mechlenburg, Lisa Reimer, Christopher Stewart, Dr Joshua Heerey, A/Prof Joanne Heerey

Rehabilitation strategies for lateral ankle sprain do not reflect established mechanisms and risk factors for re-injury: A scoping review.
Mr. Jente Wagemans, Mr. Chris Bleakley, Mr. Jan Taeymans, Mr. Alexander-Philipp Schurz, Mr. Kevin Kuppens, Mr. Heiner Baur, Mr. Dirk Vissers

The forefoot transverse arch and dynamic posture stability classified by maturity offset in Japanese adolescent athletes.
Mr. Shogo Tsutsumi, Mr. Noriaki Maeda, Mr. Satoshi Arima, Ms. Honoka Ishihara, Mr. Hironori Fujishita, Mr. Makoto Komiya, Mr. Yukio Urabe

Online information about the management of anterior cruciate ligament ruptures in Australia: a content analysis.
Mr. Andrew Gamble, Dr. Marnee McKay, Prof. Evangelos Pappas, Mr. Michael Dale, Dr. Mary O'Keeffe, Dr. Giovanni Ferreira, Mr. Kieran Richardson, Dr. Joshua Zadro

Pain provocation tests and clinical entities in male footballers with longstanding groin pain: Relationships to pain intensity and disability.
Mr. Mathias Nielsen, Mr. Lasse Ishøi, Mr. Carsten Juhl, Mr. Per Hölmich, Mr. Kristian Thorborg

Feasibility and acceptability of exercise therapy for tendinopathy: a convergent segregated mixed methods systematic review.
Professor Kay Cooper, Mr David Brandie, Dr Lyndsay Alexander, Dr Victoria Tzortziou Brown, Mr Colin Maclean, Ms Laura Mitchell, Professor Dylan Morrissey, Dr Rachel Moss, Ms Eva Parkinson, Dr Anastasia Pavlova, Dr Jo Shim, Mr Leon Greig, Dr Paul Swinton

Quantifying gender differences after an anterior cruciate ligament injury: a systematic review and meta-analyses of 122,839 adolescents and young adults.
Ms. Andrea Bruder, Mr Adam Culvenor, Mr Matthew King, Ms Joanne Kemp, Ms Eliza Roughead, Ms Melissa Haberfield, Mr John Mastwyk, Ms Marcella Pazzinatto, Ms Alison Ezzat, Mr Thomas West, Ms Sallie Coburn, Ms Sallie Cowan, Ms Laura To, Ms Karina Chilman, Mr Jamon Couch, Ms Jackie Whittaker, Ms Kay Crossley

Long-term prognosis of individuals with plantar heel pain.
Ms. Marianne Christensen, Ms Inge Lunding Kjær, Mr Søren Storm, Mr Henrik Riel, Mr Jens Lykkegaard Olesen, MR Karl B Landorf, Mr Matthew Cotchett, Mr Michael Skovdal Rathleff

Influence of hip abductor strength on pelvis and knee position during a single-leg landing test.
Ms. Sonja Jahnke, PhD Aleksandra Królikowska, Prof. Roland Becker, Łukasz Oleksy, Mr. Robert Prill

Breaking Down Breakdance

A pilot observational study to identify the number and type of training and competition injuries in mixed martial arts (MMA).
Mr. Paul Holmes, Miss Jingwen Ai, Dr Reid Reale, Dr Duncan French, Dr Heather Linden, Prof Nicola Phillips

Does land-based exercise-therapy improve physical activity in people with knee osteoarthritis? A systematic review with meta-analyses.
Ms. Emily Bell, Dr Jason Wallis, Mr Anthony Goff, Professor Kay Crossley, Associate Professor Paul O'Halloran, Associate Professor Christian Barton

Force and moment arm distribution between the vastus medialis and lateralis in adolescents with patellofemoral pain.
Ms. Marion Crouzier, Mr. François Hug, Ms. Frances Sheehan, Ms. Natalie Collins, Ms. Kay Crossley, Ms. Kylie Tucker

Manual estimation of hip abductor strength – a practical alternative to conventional assessment tools?
Ms. Sonja Jahnke, Mr. Roland Becker, Ms. Aleksandra Królikowska, Mr. Vito Gaetano Rinaldini, Mr. Robert Prill

"I feel like I have lost part of my identity" A qualitative study exploring patients with chronic ankle instability.
Mr. Thomas Sørensen, Mr Anders Mohrsen, Mr Asger Jensen, Mr Henrik Lund, Mr Steven Zartov, Ms Kathrine Bruun Skov, Mr Michael Skovdal Rathleff

Hop tests as predictors of future knee-related outcomes following anterior cruciate ligament injury: a systematic review and meta-analysis.
Mr. Thomas West, Dr Andrea Bruder, Professor Kay Crossley, Dr Adam Culvenor

Which youth are most likely to respond to neuromuscular training injury prevention warm-ups?
Ms. Anu Räisänen, Mr. Jean-Michel Galarneau, Ms. Carla van den Berg, Ms. Lauren Benson, Mr. Oluwatoyosi Owoeye, Ms. Kati Pasanen, Mr. Paul Eliason, Mr. Brent Hagel, Ms. Carolyn Emery

Effects of 448 kHz capacitive resistive monopolar radiofrequency of the lumbar region on muscle tissue elasticity.
Mr. Taiki Saito, Mr. Takayuki Miyamori, Mr. Yu Shimasaki, Mr. Shojiro Nozu, Mr. Masafumi Yoshimura

An analysis of burnout and availability of wellbeing and mental health support among healthcare professionals working in the sporting environment.
Ms. Kate Rademaker, Professor Nicola Phillips

Which exercise therapy class is best for Rotator Cuff-Related Shoulder Pain? A systematic review and network meta-analysis.
Ms. Joanna Shim, Mr. Paul Swinton, Ms. Anastasia Pavlova, Ms. Rachel Moss, Mr. Colin MacLean, Mr. David Brandie, Ms. Laura Mitchell, Mr. Leon Greig, Ms. Eva Parkinson, Mr. Dylan Morrissey, Ms. Lyndsay Alexander, Ms. Kay Cooper

Brain plasticity in patients with lateral ankle sprain and chronic ankle instability: a systematic review.
Mr. Alexandre Maricot, Ms. Annemiek Walravens, Ms. Emilie Dick, Mr. Bert Pluym, Dr. Jo Verschueren, Prof. Dr. Romain Meeusen, Dr. Bruno Tassignon

Who Develops Knee OA 5 Years After ACL Rupture? A Delaware-Oslo Cohort Study.
Ms. Elanna Arhos, Ryan Pohlig, May Arna Risberg, Lynn Snyder-Mackler, Karin Grävare Silbernagel

The predictive validity of the Brazilian Adductor Performance Test for the risk of hip adductors injury in elite soccer athletes.
Mr Jefferson Queiroz, Mr Filipe dos Reis, Mr João Frota, Mr Rodrigo Ribeiro de Oliveira

Static stretching effects in cold exposures.
Ms. Mina Samukawa, Mr. Fuma Sentoku, Ms. Miho Komatsuzaki, Dr. Tomoya Ishida

Effect size thresholds to interpret comparative interventions for tendinopathy management: A meta-analysis.
Mr. Paul Swinton, Ms J Shim, Ms A Pavalova, Ms R Moss, Mr C Maclean, Mr D Brandie, Ms L Mitchell, Ms E Parkinson, Mr D Morrissey, Ms L Alexander, Ms K Cooper

Comparative efficacy of exercise, non-exercise and combined therapies for the management of tendinopathy. A systematic review and network-meta analysis.
Mr. Paul Swinton, Ms J Shim, Ms A Pavlova, Ms R Moss, Mr C Maclean, Mr D Brandie, Ms L Mitchell, Mr L Greig, Ms E Parkinson, Mr D Morrissey, Ms L Alexander, Ms K Cooper

Triceps surae muscle forces during the eccentric heel drop exercise in patients with Achilles tendinopathy compared to controls.
Ms. Ine Mylle, Dr. Enzo Hollville, Dr. Marion Crouzier, Prof. Dr. Stijn Bogaerts, Prof. Dr. Benedicte Vanwanseele

Inclusion of biopsychosocial model domains in clinical practice guidelines for return to sport after ACL injury: A systematic review.
Mr Jeffeson Hildo Queiroz, Ms Yanka Murakawa, Mr Shamyr Castro, Mr Gabriel Almeida, Mr. Rodrigo Oliveira

The effects of Motor Imagery on therapeutic regimes in athletes with lower limb sport injuries.
Mr. George Plakoutsis, Mr Eleftherios Paraskevopoulos, Ms Maria Papandreou

Should we be assessing for balance impairments in Achilles tendinopathy?
Ms. Hayley Powell Smitheman, Mr. Shawn L. Hanlon, Mr. Rodrigo Scattone Silva, Ms. Karin Gravare Silbernagel

Symptom duration is not of relevance for injury severity or recovery with treatment in Achilles tendinopathy.
Ms. Morgan Potter, Mr. Shawn Hanlon, Mr. Rodrigo Scattone Silva, Ms. Karin Grävare Silbernagel

Static Foot Posture Measures: Is there variance between Achilles Tendinopathy subgroups?
Mr. Andrew Smith, Ms. Hayley Powell Smitheman, Mr. Rodrigo Scattone Silva, Mr. Shawn Hanlon, Ms. Karin Grävare Silbernagel

Achilles tendon neovascularization decreases with exercise treatment.
Mr. Brian Honick, Dr. Karin Grävare Silbernagel

Application of an Online Prevention Protocol Reduces Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injuries Risk Factors Among Female Athletes.
Mr. Mohamed Abdulla Husain, Mrs. Nowara Ebrahim

The Capability of a Screening Questionnaire in Detecting Sports-Related Sudden Cardiac Death (SSCD) Risk Factors Among Active Bahraini Population.
Mr. Mohamed Abdulla Husain, Mr. Mohamed Alrayes

Use of Ultrasound Imaging to Facilitate Transition from Non-Surgical to Surgical Management of Acute Achilles Tendon Rupture.
Ms. Rachel Knobel, Ms. Hayley Smitheman, Mr. Tyler Dalton, Ms. Airelle Giordano, Ms. Karin Silbernagel

Intensive supervised rehabilitation versus less supervised rehabilitation following anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction? A systematic review and meta-analysis.
Mr. Andrew Gamble, Prof. Evangelos Pappas, Dr. Mary O'Keeffe, Dr. Giovanni Ferreira, Prof. Christopher Maher, Dr. Joshua Zadro

Transient Experimental Knee Deafferentation Impacts Sensorimotor Neural Activity for Knee Motor Control: A Preliminary Analysis.
Ms. Meredith Chaput, Janet Simon, Byrnadeen Farraye, Dustin Grooms

Asymmetrical Loading within the Patellar Tendon after Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction (ACLr) using Patellar Tendon Graft: Case Report.
Mr. Rodrigo Scattone Silva, Mr. Naoaki Ito, Ms. Nnennaya Okorie, Ms. Karin Grävare Silbernagel

Exercise therapy for tendinopathy: A scoping review mapping interventions and outcomes.
Ms. Lyndsay Alexander, Mr David Brandie, Dr Victoria Tzortziou Brown, Mr Leon Greig, Ms Isabelle Harrison, Mr Colin MacLean, Ms Laura Mitchell, Prof Dylan Morrissey, Dr Rachel Moss, Ms Eva Parkinson, Dr Anastasia Pavlova, Dr Joanna Shim, Dr Paul Swinton, Prof Kay Cooper

Shared Decision-Making and Patient Education in Managing ACL Injury: Understanding Treatment Options.
Ms. Angela Smith, Dr. Karin Silbernagel, Dr. Lynn Snyder-Mackler

Variation in hip muscles force production following two types of femoro-acetabular impingement surgery.
Mr Guillaume Servant, Mr Panayotis Christofilopoulos, Mr Eusthatios Kenanidis, Mr Hugo Bothorel, Mr. François Fourchet

Mapping practitioners approaches to running-related injury (RRI) prevention and management and their views on a proposed digital RRI intervention.
Ms. Kathleen Walker, Professor Nicola Phillips, Dr. Liba Sheeran

Usability testing of digitally enhanced remote rehabilitation feedback for injured dancers and athletes: an innovative protocol.
Mr. Dylan Morrissey, Ms Theano Vikatou, Ms Caroline Jubb, Dr Manuela Angioi, Professor Andrea Cavallaro, Mr Xavier Webber, Dr Diane Abdallah, Dr Elisabetta Versace

Risk factors for groin injury in professional men’s football: does asymmetry matter?
Mr. Aynk Vigneswaran, Dr Andreas Serner, Mr Abdulaziz Farooq, Professor Courtney Kipps, Mrs Andrea Mosler

Prevalence and perception of ankle sprains in college students in Pakistan and the United States.
Mr. Abbis Jaffri, Ms. Ume Abbiyha Jaffri, Ms. Revay Corbett

Reliability and validity of common hip adduction strength measures: The ForceFrame Strength Testing System versus the Sphygmomanometer.
Mr. Ciaran O' Connor, Mr Martin Mc Intyre, Professor Eamonn Delahunt, Professor Kristian Thorborg

Patient-reported outcomes and muscle strength after a physiotherapy-led exercise and brace intervention of acute injury of the posterior cruciate ligament
Ms. Randi Rasmussen, Ms. Julie Sandell Jacobsen, Ms. Birgitte Blaabjerg, Mr. Torsten Grønbech Nielsen, Ms. Lene Lindberg Miller, Mr. Martin Lind