The International Journal of Sports Physical Therapy (IJSPT) is an international, open access, peer-reviewed bimonthly journal dedicated to publishing the latest research and clinical cases related to clinically relevant evidence, trends, and practices. Its purpose is to advance and improve the rehabilitation and care of athletes and recreationally active individuals throughout the world.


To inform the profession of sports physical therapy and providers of sports healthcare via a relevant, timely, and sustainable peer-reviewed publication with global reach. To provide an outlet for scholarly dissemination of clinically relevant musculoskeletal, sport, and activity related research.


To be the leading source of scientifically rigorous, clinically relevant evidence to advance the rehabilitation and care of athletes throughout the world.


  • Utilization of a blinded review process
  • Business conducted using ICMJE best practice of publishing
  • Focus on clinically relevant publications, with high scientific rigor, across varied levels of evidence
  • Supply evidence relevant to sports physical therapists and sports health care providers around the world
  • Serve as a scholarly outlet for academic publishing.

The journal is currently indexed by PubMed, DOAJ, CINAHL Google Scholar, and Sport Discus.

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